Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I am available for consultations.

I will answer questions, match charts, read the chart generally for one or three years, and suggest remedies.
I will give three year reading in which dasas (major-period) and antar dasas (sub-period) will also be analysed.

My consultation charges are as follows:
(i) Answer to a specific question-US$20 or Indian Rupees 1500  
(ii) General reading for three years-US$120 or Indian Rupees Eight Thousand Four Hundred
(iii) General reading for one year-US$40 or Indian Rupees Two Thousand Eight Hundred
(iv) Suggesting remedies-US$25 or Indian Rupees One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty
(v) Synastry or chart matching for marriage/partnership/relationship-US$50 or India Rs Three Thousand Five Hundred
(vi) Rectification of birth time-US$150 or Indian Rupees Ten Thousand Five Hundred
(vii) One hour personal consultation or over phone-US$100 or Indian Rs7,000

Questions or requests can be posted to me on
Payments can be made through for remittances from abroad. My address on Paypal is
For payments within India the fee can be deposited in my account, details of which can be taken from me.